Friday 14 July 2006

Leadership Campaign Launched

My campaign for the leadership of the Labour party was launched this morning with wide ranging coverage in the media. Following the principles of Tony Benn we have emphasised time and time again that this campaign is a debate about policies not personalities.

The reaction from the emails, phone calls and phone-ins to radio stations has been a massive wave of support. Ex Labour party members are contacting us to say that they are re-joining. Others have welcomed the opportunity of being able to vote for something they believe in again. The launch has generated real excitement.

Naturally we expect everything to be thrown at us and the spin doctors are already out their trying to undermine confidence by arguing that the support isn't there.

I believe that sceptics are in for a real shock. There is real climate for political debate and policy change.

We will now build on this launch by stimulating the most wide ranging and dynamic political discussion our party has experienced in decades.

We need supporters to come forward now and help us organise this programme of political engagement.

We are about to demonstrate that another politics is possible to make another world possible.