Friday 25 April 2008

Grangemouth Heroes

Gordon Brown has come out today condemning the strikers at Grangemouth oil refinery and demanding the Unite members call off their strike.

These trade unionists have decided to take industrial action to protect their pension scheme against attack from the profiteering venture capitalist who has taken over their company.

This dispute cannot be charicatured in the usual way by the media as a group of selfish workers striking out of self interest. These workers are striking to prevent their company's pension scheme being undermined for future workers joining the scheme. They are standing up to protect the pensions of future generations of workers in their industry.

Gordon Brown is currently supposed to be writing another of his books on heroes and heroism. I suggest that he includes a chapter on the selfless sacrifice of the Grangemouth heroes who have had the courage and determination to stand up and fight to protect for the pensions of workers yet to come.