Tuesday 1 August 2006

Halt the Use of Britain as Transit Station for US Weapons for Israel

Despite the revulsion and outrage felt at the Israeli attack on Qana and the tragic loss of children's lives, the British Government is still allowing British airfields to be used as transit stations for weapons being transported by the US to Israel. The Observer newspaper identified the Israeli accumulation and possible use of cluster bombs, bunker busters and depleted uranium tipped warheads.

The use of these weapons in civilian areas as witnessed in Lebanon is contary to international law. And yet the Prime Minister continues to allow George Bush to use our airstrips to resupply the Israeli military.

In a cat and mouse game in the face of protests today Des Brown, the Secretary of State for Defence, has switched the US airplane landings from Prestwick to England.

I fully support those protesting against the use of our country by the US as a base for arming the Israelis with such devastating weapons which are resulting in such heavy and terrible civilian casualties.

I go further and express my support for any workers engaged in the operation of these airports or our airspace who refuse on grounds of conscience and international law to participate in supporting the shipment of these weapons. In the light of all the evidence in recent days demonstrating the use to which the Israelis are putting these weapons I believe that workers have every right to refuse to facilitate the transportation of these weapons.