Friday 4 August 2006

Labour's NEC Election Results Demonstrate We Can Win

The election of my old friend Walter Wolfgang to Labour's National Executive Committee demonstrates the large majority that there is within the Labour Party's rank and file for candidates not just of the Left but also those that are opposed to war and opposed to nuclear weapons.

There are thousands of party members who are willing to use their votes in party elections to voice their concerns about the way in which Tony Blair has implicated a Labour Government in George Bush's military adventures in the Middle East.

I will be speaking at the Stop the War demonstration on Saturday calling for an immediate ceasefire in both the Lebanon and Gaza but also damanding that Tony Blair be recalled to Parliament to be held accountable for his failure to work with others to secure peace in Lebanon. I hold Tony Blair to account for the tragic loss of life in both Lebanon and Palestine. His failure to seek an immediate ceasefire and to support the Bush strategy has contributed to the significant loss of civilian lives and is unforgiveable. The failure of cabinet members to publicly demand a change of policy is equally a failure of nerve.

Saturday's demonstration will give voice to the anger at the failure of the British Government and will also allow the voice of the majorirty to heard.