Sunday 24 June 2007

Leadership Elections: First Reactions

This is the press release we put out this afternoon soon after the announcement of the Brown coronation and deputy leadership election results.

"Low Turnout Demonstrates Members Resentment at Lack of Leadership Election."

"Harman Victory as Deputy Evidences Effectiveness of Brown Machine Politics."

Commenting on the results of the elections for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party, former leadership candidate, John McDonnell said "The very low turnout amongst party members and trade unionists is a clear demonstration to Gordon Brown of the scale of resentment amongst our supporters at being denied a vote in a real leadership election. The election of Gordon Brown's own candidate to the deputy leadership evidences little other than the effectiveness of the machine poitics associated with the Brown camp but even Harriet Harman had to posture to the Left on the issues of Iraq, trade union rights and council housing in order to secure victory."

Ronan Bennett's article in today's Observer summed up for many their views on what a real leadership election debate could and should have concentrated on. These real world issues were largely ignored in the Gordon Brown tour and the deputy leadership hustings leading up to today's coronation. However they won't go away and neither will those socialists in our movement who are intent on addressing them.