Wednesday 27 June 2007

Withdrawal from Iraq should be new PM's first act

Last night I tabled an EDM in the House of Commons calling on the new Prime Minister to make the withdrawal of troops from Iraq his first priority.

The loss of life of Iraqis and British soldiers has caused so much heart-rending suffering. It would be a significant start to his period in office if the new Prime Minister set a timetable for withdrawal.

This would be a radical break from the Blair era and reflect the majority opinion of both the Party and the country. It would also demonstrate that he had listened to the views of our people.

I was glad to see that my good comrade Jeremy Corbyn managed to raise Iraq again at Blair's final Prime Minister questions today. Whether he likes it or not this is his legacy, and Brown would be well-advised to make his the withdrawal from this horrific situation.

EDM 1777: Withdrawal of British troops from Iraq

That this House calls upon the new Prime Minister to announce as his first act in office a timetable for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.