Sunday 5 November 2006

Website success

It's been nearly four months now since I launched my campaign for Labour's future. One of the main ways that I have tried to communicate with you is through this blog - by letting you know what I'm up to as well as explaining what I'm standing for. I've been absolutely overwhelmed by your response. Since the website was launched in July, there have been nearly half a million hits. I've been absolutely overwhelmed by thousands of your emails of support. I want to thank all those who've written to me - and I look forward to meeting many of you on the campaign trail over the coming months.

I've also been fascinated by the debates that have taken place on the blog over the main issues of the day. In order to allow the debate to flow better, I'm turning off the moderation of comments for now. That means that your contributions will instantly appear without having to wait for approval. This is a trial run - but I hope that we will see even more debate conducted in a friendly spirit over the issues that matter to you.