Saturday 12 May 2007

Thanks to UNISON Scotland, Labour Against The War and Tribune

I just want to give out my thanks to the support that the campaign has received in just the past few days.

I know that everyone involved in the campaign was delighted to read the kind words in Tribune: "But by a simple measure of what they stand for in defining the task ahead, their representation of what the left and the party wants and desperately needs and their tireless campaigning around the country to both listen and convey their message of hope and renewal, John McDonnell and Jon Cruddas deserve a place on the ballot paper." I want to pass on my thanks to the Tribune team.

Yesterday, UNISON Scotland's LabourLink decided to unanimously endorse the campaign. Once again, a huge thanks for the support. I promise to continue fighting for key UNISON policies - such as for an end to privatisation of our public services, an end to pay freezes, support for a real living wage, and the restoration of trade union rights.

Today, I attended leadership hustings organised by Labour Against The War, Labour CND, and Labour Action for Peace. It was great to meet so many activists who have fought with such determination over the years for a foreign policy based on peace and solidarity. I was also extremely pleased that the campaign received the near-unanimous support of those who attended. The fight for an end to the occupation of Iraq and against renewal of Trident goes on.

From the beginning, this was always supposed to be a grassroots movement. I think that we've all achieved a lot over the past few months. After so many years of defeat for the left and for the labour movement as a whole, I am really beginning to sense a new mood of confidence out there.

Once again, my thanks for everyone's support.