Saturday 31 March 2007

Thanks to All the Artists, Speakers and Organisers For Making our National Rally Such a Success.

Just a quick line to say thanks to all the artists, speakers and organisers for making today's national rally at the Shaw Theatre such an overwhelming success.

With just over 6 weeks of organisation the theatre was filled throughout the afternoon with over 400 activists coming to discuss the campaign and hear a fantastic range of music and witness some beautiful dance.

Representatives from trade unions, CLPs, MPs and numerous campaigns came along to voice support for our campaign.

The speeches were incredibly moving statements of commitment to the socialist ideals upon which our party was founded.

To listen to young people expressing their hopes and beliefs for the future and to hear the response of solidarity from speakers from the pensioners movement was just inspirational.

All this offered hope for the future.

Today we witnessed the birth of a new united progressive front within our movement.

Thanks once again to all the volunteers who organised to make this happen.